My Grandpa built an Arbor!!!!

My Grandpa is AAWESOME!! I got to go to his work today in Washington D.C. and see what he has been working on the past 10 months!! He built a GIANT wooden arbor at the United States Botanical Gardens! Today was the Grand Opening and so many people were there! I spent all day smelling the First Lady’s Rose Garden, looking at all the cool plants and trees, and contemplating on whether or not I should jump on the giant lily pads in the pond and see if I could land on one like all the froggies do! But then, I found something better….a water well and watering cans! Thanks, Grandpa, for a memory of a lifetime!!

IMG_4220 (2) 10153754_10203428253724206_1291846709_n 10446165_10202522965584035_93082996525214266_o (2) 10575126_10202522966784065_4668250041005562547_o 10580822_10202522966544059_6940085117037525850_o 10498588_10202522965664037_6123618747419663560_o (2) IMG_4227 (2) IMG_4232 IMG_4233 IMG_4237 (2) IMG_4239 IMG_4241

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