Mommy & Me Class, take 2!

Well, today I learned how to bear walk and run backwards! I also got a little side tracked by the fish stickers on the windows, but Da Da thought they were cool too so we ventured off together to look at them! We did bubble time again today and I am pretty sure I won the bubble popping contest! Watch out, classmates!


20140401-220438.jpg After class, I took the best nap ever…this is the face Da Da got when he thought it was a good time to wake me up.

Slip n Sliding at Dulles Mall!

What a mischievous day! You can see it all over my face! II ran around until I could run no more and then went to Nordstroms and got some new Sperrys for summer! The shoe man was so nice and gave me a big, red balloon!!! Da Da of course gave my tummy a work out because every time I am around him, he makes me giggle uncontrollably!! I guess You can call me a happy kid!! 🙂


Runway Ready!

Tonight, I hit the catwalk for the first time at the HHS Fashion Show! I sported a fitted slate gray sweater best with a haute pink checkered dress shirt, assisted by some dark denim jeans, some DC kicks, and of course, my shades & monkey back pack! I got some big cheers when I broke out my “fist pump.” #swag


Mommy & Me Class! Take 1

Today was my first Mommy and Me (and technically daddy too) class! My only question is why didn’t they sign me up sooner?! Mama says it’s good for me because I need to learn how to “follow a class routine, listen to instructions, and share with others…” Whatever that means. I am just excited they have balls, bubbles, monkey bars, and music!!! Parrrtttttaaayyyy!





My buddy, Deven!!

I have missed my buddy, Deven, for quite some time now. He and I were always hanging out until he got hurt in a car accident. I wasn’t allowed to go see him until now because the hospitals didn’t let babies in. I am so proud of Deven because he has been so strong through this all. We clicked right away again and had so much fun, like old times. Deven gets released to go home on April 1st! I can’t wait to see him again! Love, you Deven!!