Happy Birthday to our little Knox!!

Today was a big day!! I officially turn 1 and had my photoshoot at Burke Lake Park for my birthday party coming in August (Mama and Da Da don’t tend to do things on time). I got all dressed UP like in the Disney Movie, UP! Check out this little movie of how my day went!

29_JUL_015 29_JUL_071 29_JUL_112 29_JUL_127 29_JUL_136


The pictures came out great and I had the BEST time hanging out with Mama and my pals, Suzanne, Krissy, and Deven!! Thank you for making my official day of 1 awesome! Can’t wait to celebrate with everyone later this month!!

I would have to say the biggest thing that happened today was that I officially started walking!! I was taking 1-2 steps here and there for about a week but today, today I started walking long distance, like 5-6 BIG steps!! I am so proud of myself!!

photo (8)

One comment on “Happy Birthday to our little Knox!!

  1. Angie says:

    Cannot wait for your party!

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