Gobble! Gobble! My 1st Thanksgiving!

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving! I woke up so cheery!

Mom put the turkey in super early this morning! Last year, my family cooked a 13-pound turkey and this year, my mom bought the biggest turkey they had! 25-pounds!

Mom and Dad cooked all day for a party of 10 1/2 🙂

My Cousin Adora came over, along with a whole gaggle…

Nana and Papa came!

Aunt Angie and Uncle Robert!

And some of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite people, who we also consider family, Suzanne, Peyton, and Landan!

Everyone took care of me today while Mommy and Daddy cooked!

As soon as Suzanne got there, she was a huge help! She helped change my diaper and then helped Mama in the kitchen!

Daddy made me giggle a lot today! He tends to do that a lot! I love him so much!

It was a struggle, but Nana finally handed me off to Papa.

Adora entertained herself until dinner!

Table is set! Time to eat!

Where is everyone!? Nana, Papa, and me are ready to eat!

Mama made a yummy Cranberry Bleu Cheese Crumble Salad. It was a big hit!

There was SO much food!

Mom and Dad’s first time cooking a turkey last year came out PERFECT! I wish I could say the same about this year. It was a bit dry this year and definitely did not look the part, it kind of looked like the turkey on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation….

Here it is in the movie, when it deflates as soon as Chevy Chase cuts into it…The great news is that everyone still ate it and that Thanksgiving is not just about the turkey, it is more about family getting together and sharing laughs and making good memories…and that is exactly what we did!

Best 1st Thanksgiving ever, Mom and Dad! Thank you!

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