Leesburg Art Festival

This weekend is the Art Festival in Leesburg!

We started our day off at Shoes Cafe for some lunch! Mom and Dad stopped at this artist’s tent who makes Mandalas of endangered species to help spread the word! The artist took all the photographs herself! I know I don’t look so over-enthused…I was so overwhelmed with the beautiful art 🙂

This reminded me a lot of Aunt Tricia and her family for so many reasons. Aunt Trish and Uncle Sean love art. Aunt Tricia also loves nature and Cousins’ Caelyn and Liam love to color in Mandala coloring books. They love the shapes and symmetry.

Here is an example of what the artist did. She took a picture of a butterfly…

And turned it into symmetrical art.

Here is her info if you are interested. Mom and Dad talked to her and she said she loves art, but her biggest goal is to reach as many people as possible with these endangered species. Take a look at her website, it’s pretty neat!

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