My First Babysitters and Tram and George’s Wedding!

Mom and Dad went to Tram and George’s Wedding Ceremony in Arlington today. While they were out, Nana and Papa babysat me. It was the first time Mama and Daddy left me and they were such a bundle of nerves.

Talk to Nana while Papa watched the game.

Mama and Daddy at Tram and George’s wedding!

While they were out, I had an accident in my onesie when I was laying on the ottoman…

So I had to change…

I didn’t feel too bad though, because my little accident was overlooked when Aunt Angie saw what Cousin Adora did to her Ottoman. Phew, I am an angel! Thanks, Adora!

Mom and Dad surprised me and picked me up for the reception…where the real fun began!

The view was beautiful at Cocktail Hour!


One of mama’s highschool friends/sorority sister/bridesmaids, Kristin Anderson, was there too! She came and saw me in the hospital when I was 4-days-old! She says I have gotten a lot chubbier since the last time I saw her!

Pals, Vera and Chris, were there too! They entertained Mom, Dad, and me the whole night!

The wedding was so pretty! It was at the Sunset Crest Manor of Chantilly! The bride and groom are SO happy and in love!


Towards the end of the night, I was spent. Daddy held me while mama said bye to friends on the dance floor!

What a great day and BEAUTIFUL wedding!

One comment on “My First Babysitters and Tram and George’s Wedding!

  1. Kristin says:

    I made the blog, yay! Great seeing you 3 last night

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