Holy Cakes!


What a fun day in Middleburg, one of mommy’s favorite places! She loves strolling the little Equestrian town. This was my first visit.


Daddy and I took a little break at a thrift/ice cream store that dedicates their stores to saving homeless dogs.


We went to mom and dad’s wedding cake consultation at Market Salamandor where they pigged out on 10 different types of cake! Dad’s favorite was Lemon Zest and mom’s was Vanilla on Vanilla. They decided to put BOTH in their wedding cake!


Here is mommy and me with one of the cakes they had displayed at Market Salamander.


All that cake made me hungry, so when we got home, I drank all the milk I could and passed out in my favorite place, on daddy’s lap! Good night!





You Think My Tractor’s Sexy!!…

Today was a great day!!


I had lunch with Aunt Angie in RTC!


And then celebrated Miss Rachel’s Birthday with mom at American Tap Room! She LOVED me 🙂


People say babies can’t laugh and smile at my age, but I was laughing and smiling when Rachel held and talked to me.


We had the best time!

We ended the night with a baby bath! Bed time! Goodnight!

Mobile Madness!


I love my mobile, but mommy hates it because she has to wind it up every 5 minutes or I will cry. I guess she regrets buying this one because it was cuter than the Fisher Price one that lasted 30-minutes.


Thank you Miss Traci for my Baby Gap onesies!! I sported them with my yellow chords today and got lots of compliments. If you can’t tell, this may be the last time I wear my favorite pants because they are getting a little tight. 😦


I Got a Fat Lip!


I showed my bottom lip to everyone all day today. It absolutely crushed mama’s heart every time she saw it…so I kept doing it…After all, she did make me wear pink today.


Ahh, much better…sorta


Freddy made me feel a little better.


And Marissa did too! Thanks for cheering me up, everyone!


Happy 8-Weeks-Old to Me!!


Happy 2-Months Old to me today!!


This is the chair I am going to sit in every month to measure how much I grow!


This was me last month. Look how much smaller I was.

In honor of the Redskins, I wore my yellow chords today.


Papa said that someone misguided me on my bib choice (He is a Cowboys fan).


Daddy and I hung out in the driver’s seat today, but don’t worry, we weren’t driving!! I felt like such a big boy! What a great day!