Korean Tacos & Bibimbap!

I went with Mama and her whole family to Tysons today to try out a new Korean Hot Spot called the Mixing Bowl! I slept most of the time, but everyone else some pretty yummy food!

Mama’s Bibimbap!



Daddy ate Korean Lettuce Wraps with bulgolgi (beef) and Spicy Pork!




Aunt Angie and Cousin Adora had Korean Tacos!


After smelling all that good food, I finally woke up because I got hungry!!


Cousin Adora was excited to see me and gave me a BIG kiss!!


Nana was tickled pink because I kept staring and smiling at her!


After dinner, I fell asleep in my favorite place….on Daddy!


The whole Goff side of the family minus Tricia, Sean, Caelyn, & Liam (We missed you!!)


Mama turned me into an eskimo again!










Go Hornets!

Today, I got to hang out with all of mommy’s friends at work. I saw Miss Verlee, Miss Elisa, Miss Jane, Miss Jenn, Miss Kathy, and Miss Keysha! They were so happy to see mommy and me.

Miss Elisa didn’t want to put me down.


Miss Jane reminisced about when her kids my age.


Miss Keysha and Miss Elisa loved watching me sleep.


Nana and Papa came by for a surprise visit!


They helped mama get me in the car today. They say I am getting really chubby 🙂


Mama thought it was cute to wrap me up like an eskimo today. I love this blanket because it is so soft! It used to be my cousin, Adora’s, blanket when she was a little baby.


4-Week-Old Motorhead!

Today I turned 4-Weeks-Old!! I am wearing my motorcycle onesie today in honor of Daddy, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa! I can’t wait to grow up and ride with all of them!!


Grandma has the magic touch!

Love my daddy so much!

Medicine, yuck :/


Daddy gave me medicine today because I am not feeling well and can’t sleep 😦


I made a scrunchy face because it was really sweet and I didn’t like it.


Daddy comforted me until I felt better


I felt much better once the medicine kicked in…Thanks Daddy!


I even got to hang out in my swing and bounce from Molley, Tim, & Baby Reese before I went to bed!


Surprise Visits!

It is SO nice to have both of my families live close by so I can always see them! Today, Nana and Papa came by Herndon High to see me. They happily babysat me while Mama coached practice!

Nana is amazed at how big I open my eyes!

Nana & Aunt Angie surprised me yesterday by coming to see me. They fought over who could hold me 🙂