Cheerleaders Love Me Already!!

I am 7 months old in my mama’s belly and in the past month, all these cheerleaders and cheer moms have been showering me with gifts!! One thing is for sure, I am going to be the best dressed little man when I finally arrive!

On April 15th, my mommy’s cheer boss/wedding officiant/great friend, Brad Palmer, and many other amazing all-star cheer moms threw my parents and me an Infinity All-Stars Baby Shower! Thank you to everyone who came out and a special thanks to Brad, Media Consolvo, Patty White, and Teri Porter for making my mom feel so special.

I ate tons of food, cake, and even tried my first taste in baby food in one of the games mom played. She had to taste a bunch of baby foods and guess what kind it was. Thankfully, after this game, mom has already promised me that she will never feed me prune, carrot, or squash baby food ever again. Everyone also played a game where they had to change me as fast as they can. Daddy and mommy competed against each other and dad not only won, but mom smashed my stunt doll face into the table and put my diaper on backwards. Whoops!

This past weekend, May 12, 2012, mom was overwhelmingly surprised when she headed over to her good friend, Emma’s house, to hang out with pals Hayden Little, Anna Bayer, and Emma for a little girls night. She was shocked when Emma opened the door and a shower of past and present Herndon Cheerleaders and cheer moms screamed, “SURPRISE!” The look on mom’s face was priceless!

So many people came to celebrate me! Here is a big group of them!

None of this would have happened without these wonderful cheer moms! My mom has some really great friends!! Thank you Emma Collie, Carol Wynne, Missy Perlman, Trina Neel, Jenny Podczerviensky, and Gillian Gaver!

Look at all the decorations!

The Elephant Baby Cake is from Amphoras Bakery in Herndon….My new favorite cake place!

So many friendly faces/future baby-sitters for me!!

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